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Try NEW SWEET Original Blend Diversitea

Since our inception, we have expanded our product line from two Herbal Tea Blends to include many different items. All of our products have been tested and are, we believe the best available. We hope you enjoy your stay.

We have also started a project to send healing energy to our planet's Coral Reefs, which are in deep distress. Whenever you place a retail order with Diversitea, we will enclose a Clear Quartz Crystal which we would like for you to place in the sea, or your favorite body of water. We have been placing crystals deep in coral reefs for a few years now, and regularly send healing light to the Crystal Grid that is being created. Our planet (and especially our Oceans) need all the love and light we can send. The Crystal Dolphin Cave pictured below on the right is the focal point for meditation, and connection to these stones. If you would like to place a crystal in the sea, and would also like to have a crystal to keep, please request this in the Special Instructions, and we will send two.

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Original Blend Diversitea

Original Blend Diversitea

Original Blend Diversitea Herbal Supplement Tea for Divers 24 Count Single Serving Box Diversitea is packed with Antioxidants and electrolytes, and is Caffeine and Sugar Free!